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Tech craft made for politeness

16 Dec

In today’s world, we’re constantly connected.  We use our phones to constantly tweet, check Facebook, and read e-mail.  Sometimes technology is wonderfully convenient – we’re always abreast of the most current information.  Other times texting and constantly staring at your phone is just plain rude – just ask anyone who’s ever been on a date with seems to be connected to his/her iPhone via an umbilical cord.  Luckily there’s now a whimsical solution – the Phonekerchief.

The Phonekerchief combines the old-timey style of a handkerchief with new technology.  It’s made of a special fabric that shields emf  (electromagnetic fields) and blocks cell phone transmissions.  As the article on the product points out – why is this any different from simply turning off your phone?  Perhaps this Phonekerchief, with the clear message “My phone is off for you”, is more than just courtesy.  It’s not simply choosing to turn your phone off.  It’s publicly acknowledging that yes, phones interfere with quality face-to-face social interaction.  It’s also letting the other person know that, no, their date is not simply not receiving calls.   They are REFUSING calls.  For you.  It seems like such a dramatic/romantic statement, I’d almost be embarrassed if my date wore one of these.  I guess I’ve forgotten about the days of not having a cell phone!

I very much like how the nostalgic air of the Phonekerchief matches the nostalgia of a pre-cell phone society.  Maybe refusing to be constantly connected will become a hipster throwback trend.  I think I might go delete my Facebook right now…