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Bright Eyes

1 Dec

Bubble Pop Electric is all about LEDs.  We love them, of course, so when we saw Soomi Park’s LED eyelashes, it was an exciting moment.

Soomi’s LED eyelashes, applied on the bottom of the eye, are designed to make her eyes look bigger.  The design sketches in her video cite the “big eye obsession” as a source of inspiration.  While I’m not sure how I feel about the implications of what her eyelashes are trying to address, I do think they’re beautiful.  Looking like a barely-human android, Soomi’s video shows her wandering the streets of Korea.  She tilts her head up and down to trigger a mercury switch hidden in her hair to turn on the lashes.  When she blinks, the switch also triggered, and the LEDs pulse in time with her eyes.

In Soomi’s design, a thin wire connects the LEDs to the mercury switch and battery held in an earphone.  It’s for the most part very subtle, although the earphone containing the battery and switch might make some look like a telemarketer.  All in all, Soomi’s eyelashes lend the wearer an unearthly, alien beauty.  It gives a new meaning to having “bright eyes”.

Bubble Pop Electric would love to have some facial LED appliques.  Maybe a starburst pattern on one eye, a la Ke$sha.  Or if we’re feeling ambitious, an LED superhero mask!  Instead of actual wire, we could even experiment with using conductive paint.  Our professor, Orit, mentioned the possibility of conductive make-up.  We’d need to make sure the make-up was sweat-free, but how cool would it be to wear LEDs instead of rhinestones?  I’m on board…